Tip of the Month – September 2013

Lowering your “playable hand standard” 

In Texas Hold-em, you must lower your playable hand standard as the playing field shrinks. For example king 4 off suit in a 10 handed game goes directly into the muck. However in a 3 handed game it looks pretty good and is playable, even if you are first to act. 3 handed you could easily be high hand with just the king high. The flop and the betting of your opponents will make the difference from there but as the number of players at the table dwindles, the lower your standards are for staying in to see the flop. Failing to make this adjustment will cost you dearly in your chip stack with higher blinds coming around at lightning speed. They will eat you alive. It is time to stretch out, see more flops and play more poker as you see the number of players lessen. Everybody wishes they could play more hands and now is your chance.

It’s simply survival

Paul Smith
Poker Night in America

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