Tip of the Month – March 2012

Poker is about perception.  It is a wise poker player that pays attention to the other players. This game is very much about a player’s ability to perceive strength and weakness in their opponent.  Good players routinely will not look at their own cards, until it is their turn to bet, so they can observe their opponents, viewing their cards, in hopes of getting a feel for the strength of their hand. If the whole table seems weak, and checking the bet, an average bet might take the pot. In Texas Hold’em, when the flop is not particularly attractive, you could get the pot after the opening round of betting, with a bet of say, half the pot. It doesn’t matter what you have, it is your perception of the weakness around the table that gives you the confidence to bet. This takes time and focus to get right.
But it gives you another chance to accumulate chips without having to wait for the best hand.

Like the old man on the train
in the Kenny Rogers song “TheGambler” said…
know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em – he was talking about reading your opponent.
Knowing what the cards are, by the way they hold their eyes.
Now he was a poker player…

~Paul Smith

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