Poker Night in America!

To us, poker night is about friends getting together and enjoying the best game ever… it’s time to relax with a cocktail, eat comfort food, enjoy some classic rock music and spend the evening playing this great American card game.  It’s a little bit of our American dream.

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We celebrate poker night!!

We are searching for the regular “poker night” players who enjoy a traditional style of this unique card game. Those people who put on their poker face at their friends dining room table, garage, or man cave. We understand your passion for poker and the friendships that are forged playing this complex game, that in many ways mirrors life. We encourage you to share your customs, traditions and stories. We want you to send us your unusual and funny anecdotes to highlight and offer to your peers all over the world. Our aim is to present your poker playing profiles, advice, views and favorite poker night cuisine to all. Poker, although played all over the world, is an American game, and we charge this site to discover true poker ambassadors and tell their stories.

Please contact us with your poker stories and traditions.

Founders, Paul and Shana Smith

Paul and Shana PokerNightinAmerica